Dedicated systems create new opportunities for your business

ERP is an integrated information system used to manage the business process in your company extensively. The electronic system active participates in streamlining the poor flow of information, which is the most common reason for suppressed business activities. It automates the complex sales processes, eliminating human error and thereby shortening the important duration of customer service. The ERP system brings together information into one place while also excluding conflict between the same actions performed by several employees. The use of the ERP system allows clearing the problem of several programs to support businesses. With the ERP system, you will have one place to perform an order with a contractor, check your inventory, run a marketing campaign and plan your trading activities. Moreover, the system relieves you of having to remember everything. It provides assistance with locating inefficient staff and plays a role of you right hand in making quick and important decisions. You will be able to view reports from the last month, sales results and analysis, from anywhere in the world. Our ERP system is a product that combines current trends and cutting-edge technical solutions based on the experience of our team. It is also the result of close cooperation with customers and of the robust practices of our developers in the field of business. A characteristic feature of our ERP system is its flexibility in adapting its functions to the strict requirements and specificities of each company. Thanks to the advanced technology, the system allows matching and dedicating every detail of the program to the needs of your company.

The set of all Odoo modules matches the law of taxation and legal regulations in force. The universal segments of Odoo ERP are not supplied as final modules and undergo a complete harmonization and adjustment to the rules in force in the business.

Customize a dedicated ERP system to your business

Thanks to individual modules of our ERP management system is unlimited!

  • Mail, calendar, notes
  • Sales, offers, contracts, CRM
  • Accounting, invoices, debt collection
  • Fleet, service, logistics
  • Staff, wages, recruitment
  • Full store support, Allegro
  • Warehouse, production, purchases
  • Marketing
  • Projects, tasks
  • Events, schedule, bookings
  • Reports, ISO
  • Hospital, insurance, hotels, other
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Aplikacja mobilna systemu ERP/B2B
Aplikacja mobilna systemu ERP/B2BAplikacja mobilna systemu ERP/B2BAplikacja mobilna systemu ERP/B2B

Run your business comfortably. Which means in mobile.

We made a mobile version of the ERP system. It is a segment of the system that is installed directly on your smartphone or tablet. With this app, it is possible to control the company directly from your phone on an ongoing basis. The application is downloaded free of charge through the App Store or Google Play. It is extremely easy to install.AppStoreGoogle Play

Save up to 70% of your time and increase your sales through the use of eBay, Magento or PrestaShop.

You got that right! The ERP system has the ability to integrate directly with your eBay account. Built-in application mechanisms fully support such activities as the receiving inquiries, registration of payments, generation of invoices and ordering a courier. These activities are carried out automatically! Furthermore, the system will keep eBay users informed about the current inventory of a product or the status of the order.
Integracja Allegro w systemie ERP/B2B
Poczta w systemie ERP/B2B

The innovative postal systemcontrols your company information.

The ERP system combines all the mailboxes that exist in your company. The data gathered are dispatched from there to the relevant departments, and are delegated to the relevant activities. Rotation and circulation of all messages is under the constant supervision of a user with appropriate privileges. In this way an ERP system gives a chance to fully control the flow of information and employee verification.

Integration with barcode readers and QR

This is a major function for the warehouse or direct sales department; the ability to connect external readers to the ERP system is a convenience in such activities as stocktaking, inventory, internal/external release or in-house transfer. The use of readers makes it impossible to make a mistake and most importantly shortens the time of any transaction connected with the goods.
Integracja systemu ERP/B2B z czytnikami kodów kreskowych
Integracja systemu ERP/B2B z drukarkami fiskalnymi i systemem kurierskim

Integrating the ERP system with fiscal printers and the courier system.

The ability to connect a fiscal device tightens the cash flow and prevents "grey" sales by a dishonest employee. In addition, automatic printing shortens the time of sale by minimizing the steps of generating a receipt down to a single click. The ERP system supports all fiscal printers available on the Polish market. To complement the sales logistics, the ERP system is equipped with an automatic connection to the courier delivery service. Sending and addressing parcels is done automatically when printing a receipt or invoice.
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Automatic sending of business documents to offices.

The developed communication between the ERP system and websites enables you to directly transfer documents and declarations to the Tax Office and the Social Insurance Institution without having to appear there in person. All copies of sent documents are stored in archives and are available for inspection at any time in electronic version.
Automatyczne wysyłanie firmowych dokumentów do urzędów
Zewnętrzny panel dla Twoich klientów

External panel for your customers

We have created an additional external end customer panel, directly connected to the ERPa sales module. The panel allows the customer a convenient overview of the status of their consignment. As a result, the customer knows where their shipment is and when to expect a courier. In addition, the customer panel will allow the user to view the history of their purchases and print an invoice. The external customer panel largely relieves your internal customer service point.

Stay in control of your company from anywhere on Earth.

The need to verify a customer's contact, the purchase/sale prices of goods or the current status of the project arises unexpectedly. Giving an instant answer, or taking a crucial decision for the moment requires access to information. Every second counts. After all, time is money! You can access all the information via any Internet-connected device or an app installed on your phone in less than four seconds from anywhere in the world.
Kontrola Twojej firmy za pomocą systemu ERP/B2Bmarker na ziemi 1marker na ziemi 2marker na ziemi 3marker na ziemi 4marker na ziemi 5marker na ziemi 6marker na ziemi 7
Czat i rozmowy audiowideo w systemie ERP/B2B

Talk, chat, transfer files online and a voice call.

Behold the latest ERP feature. With it, you can open a chat, which means written conversations conducted in real time between employees. The conversation can be joined by an external user (e.g. a customer) that does not have everyday access to the ERP system. In addition, it is possible to convert the chat into a voice conversation.

Expand the ERP system to suit your business.

Due to the flexible structure of the application, it is possible to create any combination and configuration of all functions of an ERP system. The option to dedicate and precisely adapt the ERP system to the business practices of your company provides the opportunity to implement a comprehensive firmware that supports accounting, payrolls, sales, purchases, etc. In many companies, the ERP system is filling the empty space between the existing financial/accounting software, storage and sales, by combining several types of software into one tight, automated body.
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